Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Fourth Game's Universal Debate

As many of you may have heard, there is going to be a fourth edition to Super Smash Brothers to be released on 3DS and the upcoming Wii U. The project is led my Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata and series creator Masahiro Sakurai. It was Sakurai that also made the new Kid Icarus: Uprising, set to be released sometime in March.
The game is on!...3DS
Sakurai stated that he wouldn't work on Smash till Pit's game went soaring into stores. And then this came out...
Seems legit, but is it really?
According to these supposed documents, the game is to be called Super Smash Brothers Universe. And on top of that, several "details" were leaked about the game as well:
- More focus on 3rd Party characters (like Sonic and Snake)
- Removal of tripping
- Make Samus faster in regards to her Other M appearance.

My Opinion
Personally, I like it. Well, some of it anyway...

I like the idea of more characters from other games being put in as long as they are relevant and fit the criteria (which I will explain in my next post). And the name Universe appeals to me and compliments the Wii U.                                          
U see what I mean?
But, I do not like the removal of prat falls/tripping.
Abandon Blog
Now hang on. I say that because, when I see someone trip, it brings an air of realism into this fictional world that wii all love. I see that, and see that we are not just playing a game; we are playing a world.

A world...This World...where they have their own physics; falling down just as we do.

And when I see a character fall in the heat of battle, unsure if this next move will be their last, they get back up. I think that it subtly reflects our own life and how if we fall along the way, no matter how tough it is, the best thing to do is to get back up and give it our all.

And as far as Samus goes, her being faster in her suit is good. Though I'm concerned slightly as to whether or not they'll remodel her as well.

So whether it be Super Smash Brothers Universe or not, I'm waiting with baited breath for more information! Personally, I wanted the title to be Super Smash Brothers Royal, but this is cool too.

What do you want the next Smash to be called? Comment below your opinion, plus any comments/questions you have.

Until next time! :D

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