Saturday, June 23, 2012

Character Spotlight 8: Holy Greil

This Smasher is a mercenary who fights for his beliefs and friends at the same time. They seem like they're uncaring, but is actually passionate about others.

They're very strong with one heck of a weapon. Swordplay comes very natural to them, and they sure do pack a punch...

Who's that Smasher?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Subspace Conspiracy: Targeting the 12?

A special thank you for everyone who's enjoyed my blog so far! This post marks the point where I've received over 1500 views!

So in honor of that, I'm going to talk about something topical amongst some Smash fans.
The Subspace Emissary
This is the darkest time ever to hit the World of Trophies. It almost meant the end of the Smash Brothers and the dawn of a world with eternal darkness. The mysterious Tabuu took strategic options and actions to bring his Subspace domain to light: the manipulation of the Master Hand, the conversion of Mr. Game & Watch, the abduction of the Battleship Halberd...
The targeting the Original Smashers
Now, this isn't outright told in the story, but I've noticed a few things after playing through the Adventure Mode as much as I have.

Here's my analysis, and I hope you all agree with me after reading.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

BrawlDex: Smash 64

*Here's the last of the E3-honored posts. Did you all enjoy E3?*

Now, I know what you're thinking...just what is a BrawlDex? BrawlDex is a collection of blurbs for the Smash characters in the style of Pokémon series Pokédex.
Most likely from Pokémon Trainer Red's Pokédex
I understand that SSB4 might have some new features, but perhaps this could be one? Like, keep the Trophies and Stickers, but also have the BrawlDex to give quick info about a character, plus a type and a 3D moving image of said character. Just like how the Idols work in Kid Icarus Uprising.

I plan on having at least 3 entries: based off each of the Smash games. Plus some posts for the SSB4 Newcomers.

For each entry, I try to cover the basics of the characters in the text and their attacks for their types. The Pokémon are straight from the real Pokédex, just with slight word changes.

Now, without further ado, let's turn it on!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Personality Clash 1

*Here's the second of the three posts in honor of E3.*

Greetings everyone!

If you've noticed in my Character Spotlight posts, I took a section out to discuss how a character would interact with the other characters in the tournament based on their personalities and behavior. And after reviewing one of my posts, I realized...
I forgot to include the Newcomers!
I mean, their own posts are about them in game, but they're capable of feeling things to right? At least in their own world anyway. But so I don't give a spoiler to Newcomers I've yet to reveal, I'll only relate their interactions to the current cast of Brawl and Newcomers revealed before them.

So, this series of posts will do just that. I'm going to take Newcomers in teams of 4s so I don't litter up on text.

This post will include Newcomers from Graffiti Galaxy, Wishing Star, Spinsanity, and Roaming Chaos.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Character Spotlight 7: Volt Storm

*This post is one of the 3 this week in honor of E3! I hope you enjoy both!*

This Smasher is one of the most notable faces on the roster, with a sparking personality. They have a lot of fans with such a cute face.

They don't need a serious backstory to get appeal, but you do have to find them first! They're hard to catch, but worth the effort.

Who's that Smasher?