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Subspace Conspiracy: Targeting the 12?

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So in honor of that, I'm going to talk about something topical amongst some Smash fans.
The Subspace Emissary
This is the darkest time ever to hit the World of Trophies. It almost meant the end of the Smash Brothers and the dawn of a world with eternal darkness. The mysterious Tabuu took strategic options and actions to bring his Subspace domain to light: the manipulation of the Master Hand, the conversion of Mr. Game & Watch, the abduction of the Battleship Halberd...
The targeting the Original Smashers
Now, this isn't outright told in the story, but I've noticed a few things after playing through the Adventure Mode as much as I have.

Here's my analysis, and I hope you all agree with me after reading.
Mario & Kirby
These two were the first that Tabuu decided to remove from the game. Permanently. 

He knew that the two super stars were brawling in the Mid-Air Stadium, so he sent the Halberd with some minions and Petey Piranha to take them out.
Subspace Prime Target 03:
Super Mario Mario
Mario was the top priority, since he knew how to fight Petey: he would use F.L.U.D.D. to fill him full of water and then stomp on his belly. So, while Mario was distracted by the Subspace Bomb the Ancient Minister put, Petey ambushes the plumber by blasting him with a cannonball. He would have succeeded in disposing of him forever had Pit not found his trophy in Skyworld. Even if he sent Primids to clip the angel's wings, it didn't do any good.

It was an added bonus that Princesses Peach and Zelda were there in the crowd; Tabuu could hold them as collateral against Mario and Link.
Subspace Prime Target 04:
Kirby of the Stars
With the others taken care of, Petey Piranha was finally charged with killing Kirby. He was too big for the Star Warrior to inhale, and he thought that attacking with the cages containing the girls would work in his favor; Kirby would be too worried about their health to fight back.

But he did.

Tabuu underestimated Kirby's fighting prowess, having thrashed the plant like a lowly weed. Although Wario's appearance might just have been chance: capturing a Princess would earn a hefty ransom from their kingdoms. It was only thanks to the Warp Star that Kirby and the other Princess escaped.

Donkey Kong
Donkey is the strongest out of this group, and his heroics would meddle in Tabuu's plans eventually. So, Tabuu sends Bowser's Koopa Troop to lure him out by stealing his banana hoard.
Subspace Prime Target 06:
Donkey Kong Jr.
He sent Bowser instead of Wario because Bowser's shell could withstand DK's powerful attacks, shrug off Diddy's peanuts, and attack with his Fire Breath from a distance. But all that did it was a Dark Cannon at close range. He didn't think Diddy would be a problem, but he had to hound the chimp later on.

Being a mercenary, Tabuu knew Team StarFox would soon fly down in rebellion. So when Fox was shot down by the Halberd, Tabuu knew that he needed...assurance to make sure that Fox was down for good.
Subspace Prime Target 05:
Fox McCloud
Lucky for him that he crash landed in the lake occupied by the territorial Rayquaza. Not to mention that Diddy wandered in the area as well.

But the Legendary Pokémon fainted soon enough. Bowser continued to hunt the duo, knowing that they'd keep searching for DK and hinder their plans. The Battleship Halberd even won against the Great Fox, so Tabuu took the StarFox Team into consideration when choosing the Halberd as the Subspace drop-ship.

One thing about the secret original characters is that they're elusive. Him, Luigi, Jigglypuff, and Falcon have not been found out by Tabuu's Army; they were either ignored or exposed on their own.
Subspace Prime Target ??:
To lure out the psychic prodigy Ness from his hiding spot, Tabuu knew there was no better bait then the boy's old enemy: Porky Minch.

He may have defeated the evil child, but Wario sprung on the scene for a Plan B. Since Ness couldn't be captured head on, Wario turns his Dark Cannon on Lucas, knowing that Ness would sacrifice himself for the timid child.

Thankfully, Tabuu seems to have forgotten about Luigi as much as some other people have.

And thankfully again, King DeDeDe hasn't.
Subspace Prime Target ??:
Luigi Mario
King DeDeDe knew what Tabuu was planning all along. So to start his resistance plan, he starts round up some Smashers himself, and Luigi is his first target. Just minding his own business, Green Stache gets Star KO'd by the monarch's Jet Hammer. He was then used as a decoy to lure Wario out. Half of it was because Wario knew Lui is an Original Smasher, and the other half is because he could rub it in Mario's face.

Too bad he got ambushed by the King's Waddle Dee Army, losing Ness and the other Princess, as well as Luigi.

Link & Yoshi
This is the case of killing two ducks with one Zapper shot.
Subspace Prime Target 07:
Link, the Hero of Time
Subspace Prime Target 08:
Green Yoshi 
Tabuu did some research to find the forest where the pedestal for the Master Sword laid, which was the same place where Yoshi liked to nap. It seemed easy enough to overpower them with a force of Primids.

But it was Link's courage and Yoshi's speed that won in the end. Tabuu just hoped he could use the captive Princess against the swordsman and dinosaur. He was correct, since these two fought Mario and Pit in a mix up over False Princesses.

Samus & Pikachu
Tabuu is an evil genius: take the Smashers and use them against each other. He did that with Mr. Game & Watch, but he also did that with Samus and Pikachu too.
Subspace Prime Target 02:
Samus Aran
Samus had always fought in the tournaments with her Varia Suit, so Tabuu stole it, using the R.O.B. Squad to use Shadow Bugs and make soldiers out of the technology. Weakened, he imagined that the huntress would finally fall, but he doesn't know Samus' determination. Or maybe he did, for stationing Ridley in the Facility as well...
Subspace Prime Target 01:
Red's Pikachu
Pikachu's torment, however, was simple and cruel. Being an Electric type Pokémon, he probably abused his weakness to Ground types and captured the mouse, using him as a battery for the Research Facility. It both serves as a benefit to his plans and torture to the electric rat. His only flaw was putting Pikachu and the Varia Suit in the same area, making Samus discover the Pocket Monster by accident and freeing him.

Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon is the fastest of this group, and coupled with his elusive behavior as a secret character, Tabuu had lots of trouble tracking him down. That was why Tabuu wanted production of the Giant R.O.B.s: their giant Robo Beams would shoot the Falcon Flyer out of the sky like a turret, should the racer be spotted. And his Blue Falcon would be swatted away like a Hot Wheels if he tried to run it over.
Subspace Prime Target ??:
Captain Douglas Jay Falcon
But when Olimar tried to salvage one of the robots, the mech gets mad and eats into his Pikmin army. This distraction gave Falcon the moment he needed to Falcon Punch the bot into oblivion. Instead of ramming the Blue Falcon into it, he used the momentum to power up his special move.

It was here that Falcon realized that the Subspace Army was getting more advanced. It was time to take action as both a hero, Smasher, and bounty hunter. Besides, there was a similar looking robot in Port Town Aero Drive. Even if he doesn't know whether or not it's part of the Subspace Army, he won't let his home be in jeopardy.

Subspace Prime Target ??:
Jigglypuff seems to be the least of Tabuu's worries.

When the player finds her after beating Tabuu, she seems to be holding a concert at Pokémon Stadium 2, unaware of the Subspace Emissary. Tabuu must have known her love of singing would occupy her enough to keep her from meddling, so long as no one gets her mad by, say, interrupting her concert. So, he used his power to block out the rest of the world from her for the time being. If someone were to find her, then he'd have another Smasher to deal with.

That's why it is after Tabuu's defeat that the door to her appears. And that is also why she fights the player.

The reason why he launched a sneak attack on Mario and Kirby and not her was because its 2 against 1. It is also because Mario is more perceptive then Jigglypuff, more likely to find notice something wrong and venture off with Kirby.

In Conclusion
Tabuu executed his plan after studying Master Hand and the Smashers extensively. It was how he learned that Mr. Game & Watch secreted Shadow Bugs, or why he needed the Princesses as bait.

He's an evil mastermind far worse then Ganondorf could ever be. I'm happy that he exploded in Subspace after his defeat.
But who's to say that he really is gone?
I mean, Tabuu is someone who controlled a DEITY in the Smash World. He's a manipulative monster who could come back with a vengeance if he had the chance. Only next time, he'll know exactly who he's fighting. I just hope the Newcomers could mix things up!

Until next time! :D

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