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Challenger Approaching! 8: Catch Some Tails

- Debut: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)
- Latest Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II (2012)
- Affiliation: Good
Sonic's best friend Miles Prower (AKA Tails) finally fights in the Smash Tournament, even sporting his look from Sonic Riders! He may be young, but his mechanical genius will surely help him get through.

Tails, along with Sonic, was part of an April Fool's Day rumor of hidden Melee characters, unlocking them after beating 20 or more Fighting Wire Frames in Cruel Melee.
That's quite the challenge for a lot of people
Tails is to Sonic as Luigi is to Mario, so he should be a shoo-in for Smash 4. Not to mention that he's the third most popular Sonic character, only behind Sonic and Shadow. Fans went crazy over rumors of him in Melee. Think of the following if he was confirmed for Smash!

Tails is part of the Sonic universe, with his best friend Sonic of course! These two are as close as brothers, teaming up to stop the evil Dr. Eggman since Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the SEGA Genesis.
He's always around to lend a helping hand
Sonic can't swim or fly, but Tails can just fine. It's usually one of his inventions that helps Sonic save the day in the end anyway, mostly in some key points of aerial transportation.

Tails is a middle weight character who dominates the air. Not only can he jump multiple times, but he can spin his tails to float in the air like Peach.
He's very maneuverable while flying.
Tails isn't as fast as Sonic, but he's literally right behind him in terms of speed. He fights with his signature tails, and some of his inventions from Sonic Battle. Sonic Battle and Sonic the Fighters is where most of his moves will come from.
His Down Smash is his Magic Hook from Sonic Battle!
Special Moves
Standard Special: Energy Ball
Skill Get!
From his moveset from Sonic Battle, this is Tails' main projectile move. While the red arm cannon looks similar to Samus', the move is actually similar as well.

Pressing the B button makes Tails shoot a ball of electricity out in front of him. He can't charge it up like Samus' Charge Shot, and it doesn't go as far or fast. But it does deal multiple hits, and launches foes upwards. When used in the air, Tails fires it at a downward angle. It even has enough force to push him backwards in the opposite direction!

Side Special: Chu2 Bomb
Chu know what I'm sayin?
Also from Sonic Battle, this is Tails' "mine" attack. And yes, it's a ChuChu from another of SEGA's game series, titled ChuChu Rocket. But it's not a real ChuChu: it's a deceptive bomb!

For the move, Tails summons one of these little guys on the stage. They walk towards the closest enemy and explode on contact, much like a Bob-omb. But should an opponent jump over the ChuChu, it'll turn around and follow them! 

There's no time limit that one could stay out, only exploding when it hits another character, object, or Tails uses the move again. One one could be on stage at a time. In the air, the ChuChu falls down until it hits the ground, and then starts trekking.

Up Special: Tail Propeller
I wanna fly high!
Tails' namesakes provide him with his signature ability to fly. That's one of his highlights as a playable character of course. His tails are as strong as Sonic's legs or Knuckles' arms.

Tails takes to the skies with this move, able to fly around freely and swiftly. If someone were to touch his spinning tails, they'll take damage. But other then that, it's not for attack. After a certain amount of time, Tails gets tired and he'll stop flying, leaving him helpless. But Tails does push others away when he first starts the move.

Down Special: Spin Charge
A staple of the Sonic series.
As the caption says, the Spin Dash is a signature technique by almost all of the Sonic characters. Since Tails was right behind Sonic in playable debut, he is the first character to use this move after the Blue Blur.

So Sonic's Spin Charge and Tails' Spin Charge is slightly different. Sonic's has more speed and damage, but Tails' is more aerodynamic and floaty. It also might cause enemies to slip.

Final Smash: Tornado II
OK, time to fly!
Tails is an expert mechanic and pilot, with the Tornado being his pride and joy. Sonic owns the original red version, but Tails has the keys to this bad boy. Although it required a Chaos Emerald to work, I'm sure Tails could use a fake emerald or another power source to make it run.

After breaking a Smash Ball, Tails climbs into the plane similar to Captain Falcon and his race car. A crosshair comes up, letting Tails shoot rapid fire from a safe distance. They really rack up the damage. And if that's not enough, Tails then transforms the plane into its X-shaped form from Sonic Adventure to ram at high speeds like the Dragoon. The ram can come earlier if the player presses the A button.

In Conclusion
Can you believe he made that himself?
Tails is key for players who like a good air game, with some speed to back it up. He's got awesome recovery, projectiles, and some good deceptive moves. A lot of moves have him spinning his namesakes, confusing some into whether or not Tails is using his Up Special, extra jump, or just floating.

Should Tails join Sonic's side once more in Smash? Or is the kitsune just dead weight?

Comment below and tell me: Do YOU want to see Miles "Tails" Prower in Super Smash Brothers 4?
I'll prove myself; to Sonic, and everyone else!
Until next time! :D

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