Thursday, June 7, 2012

BrawlDex: Smash 64

*Here's the last of the E3-honored posts. Did you all enjoy E3?*

Now, I know what you're thinking...just what is a BrawlDex? BrawlDex is a collection of blurbs for the Smash characters in the style of Pokémon series Pokédex.
Most likely from Pokémon Trainer Red's Pokédex
I understand that SSB4 might have some new features, but perhaps this could be one? Like, keep the Trophies and Stickers, but also have the BrawlDex to give quick info about a character, plus a type and a 3D moving image of said character. Just like how the Idols work in Kid Icarus Uprising.

I plan on having at least 3 entries: based off each of the Smash games. Plus some posts for the SSB4 Newcomers.

For each entry, I try to cover the basics of the characters in the text and their attacks for their types. The Pokémon are straight from the real Pokédex, just with slight word changes.

Now, without further ado, let's turn it on!

-Mario (Fire)
The Hero Smasher. He has spent many years saving Princess Peach from the evil Bowser with his signature jump. He can use power-ups like the Fire Flower or Starman to gain new abilities.

-F.L.U.D.D. (Water)
The Gaddget Smasher. Equipped with artificial intelligence, it helped Mario clean up Isle Delfino. Its name stands for Flash Liquidizing Ultra Dowsing Device.

-Donkey Kong (Fighting)
The Gorilla Smasher. He gets bigger, faster, and stronger with his steady diet of bananas. His red necktie is marked with his initials: DK.

-Link (Grass/Steel)
The Courageous Smasher. Armed with the Master Sword, he saves Hyrule from the warlock Ganondorf. He is skilled with a variety of weapons, ranging from bombs to boomerangs. 

-Navi (Flying)
The Fairy Smasher. She follows Link on his adventures, helping him by giving hints or information. She seems to be too vocal about sharing it though.

-Samus (Electric/Steel)
The Huntress Smasher. The Varia Suit she wears is equipped with an arm cannon for which to shoot Space Pirates. She is hunted by their leader, Ridley.

-Yoshi (Water/Dragon)
The Dinosaur Smasher. He is very quick on his feet, even with a rider on his back. His long sticky tongue catches opponents, and he can throw eggs with pinpoint accuracy.

-Kirby (Normal)
The Puffball Smasher. Although just a baby, he is actually a powerful hero. He can inhale enemies and steal their powers, or suck in air to fly like a balloon.

-Fox (Fire/Flying)
The Pilot Smasher. After the death of his father, he joined the elite team StarFox to protect the galaxy with their high flying Arwings. His biggest weakness may be trusting others.

-Pikachu (Electric)
The Mouse Smasher. This Pokémon has electricity-storing pouches on his cheeks. These appear to become electrically charged during the night while Pikachu sleeps.

-Luigi (Electric/Ghost)
The Overshadowed Smasher. Although his skills match his brother's, he is often forgotten. He can jump higher then him and is very afraid of ghosts.

-Captain Falcon (Fire/Fighting)
The Flamboyant Smasher. He is both a bounty hunter and a famous racer, piloting the Blue Falcon. His signature Falcon Punch is a devastating attack.

-Ness (Psychic)
The Rockin Smasher. Gifted with a power known as PSI, he traveled the land with his friends to defeat Gigyas. He trained with said friends before joining the Smash Brothers, giving him more PSI attacks.

-Jigglypuff (Normal)
The Balloon Smasher. She mesmerizes with her large, round eyes and sings a soothing melody. Smashers hearing this song fall asleep.

-Master Hand (???)
The Creative Spirit. It was him alone who created the World of Trophies and started the Super Smash Brothers. He feels a certain joy in challenging chosen warriors who have claimed many battles.

Giant Donkey Kong (Fighting)
The Mega Sized Mid-Boss. He's about four times the size of the normal DK, with four times the strength. Unlike the regular gorilla, this Kong is always feral and violent.

Metal Mario (Steel)
The Metallic Mid-Boss. Different from the normal Mario, he can take absurd amounts of damage without flinching. He's dangerous as a stubborn boss with his own stage to fight on.

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