Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Strongest in the Universe?!: Nintendo's Big 4

Welcome back to Smash Talk! Once again, I'm Brandon "the Bman" Alicea, with another Super Discussion on all things Smash Brothers.

If you remember back to the end of my Character Spotlight (titled Jump to the Top), I referred to Super Mario as one of the game's Big 4.

Now, what this means is that he is one of the most powerful icons inside the Smash games. Of course, this may also have to do that he is Nintendo's mascot, so he kinda gets that footstool jump above the rest.

Now that's classy.
But if you look past the characters they are in Smash and delve into the characters they are in themselves, I think it just makes it more apparent. But of course this is just my opinion.

Anyways, the Big 4 are the most well known of Nintendo's fighters and are only a fraction of the full list of powerful Smashers that I'll talk about. They're lean, they're mean...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Character Spotlight 2: Heaven Can Wait

Welcome back to Smash Talk! with you host Brandon "the Bman" Alicea.

Next on Character Spotlight, this Smasher was supposed to be in Smash long ago, but was cut in favor of another. Always the confident one, they have no problem fighting foes several times their size. This Smasher also has a variety of weapons at their disposal, but they are best at marksmanship.

Who's That Smasher?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Character Spotlight: Jump to the Top

Hello again! I'm Brandon "the Bman" Alicea, and welcome to my first Character Spotlight! post. These posts are to discuss and share my own thoughts on one of the current Smashers from Brawl.

First up, this Smasher has gone to great lengths to prove that evil doesn't pay. If it's possible, he/she's been there and done that decades ago.

But that's not all. This Smasher also spends their free time playing around with both friends and foes! They may not be the best at Brawling, but their not the worst either. But no matter the situation, this Smasher jumps into action, and not a groomed hair out of place.

Who's that Smasher?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bman's Top 10...Or Perhaps Bottom 10?

Welcome back to Smash Talk!

Once again, I'm Brandon "the Bman" Alicea with another Smashing topic. Since I'm still on the topic of characters for now, I'm going to be giving my opinions of who I think would be in the next Smash Brothers game. But now, I'm going to share with you who I think doesn't deserve to fight against Nintendo's finest.

I've searched over hundreds of sites where fellow fans like you post what they would love to see go toe-to-toe with Captain Falcon or Lucario. Here are some of the ones that caused me to...

Yeah that...