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Challenger Approaching! 2: Wishing Star

- Debut: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (1996)
- Latest Appearance: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (2003)
- Affiliation: Good
Back by popular demand is ♥♪! ? (but we call him Geno for the name of the doll he possessed). This rebellious warrior is one of the few characters that is an ally to both Mario and Bowser! He may serve a higher authority, but he's working under Master Hand in this one!

Because if you played his debut game (listed above), you'd have found out that this guy freakin RULES! He is insanely strong from the moment you meet him, and hardcore fans would stampede to stores faster then a herd of Yoshi to an all-you-can-eat buffet if they found out that he's Playable.

Just try me. I dare you.
Male gamers would like his destructive energy moves and overall tough guy attitude. Girl games would like his attitude as well, but instead of focusing on the weapon side of Geno, they'll focus more on his cute side.

Aww! Ain't he a doll?

Now, given he was from a Mario game, he's gonna have a Super Mushroom icon and be part of the Mario universe. He's already fought with Mario, Peach, and Bowser together when the Mushroom Kingdom was being invaded by a group called the Smithy Gang. Geno is actually a star from the magical Star Road, and his body is wooden doll he found after arriving on the planet. He chose that doll because it was the strongest of the four (with the other three being the three recurring characters).

And his doll body was seen in a Bean Bean Kingdom mini-game.

Geno has been classified as a "glass cannon". This means that while he dishes out loads of damage, he can get wasted pretty quickly without help. In addition to being the fastest out of Mario's group, he can launch rounds of ammo from his arms and hands. His attacks would revolve around those types of shots (even his famed Star Gun), energy blasts, and punch attacks. He can even fire his arms off like rockets!

Let me give you a HAND!
And even though Geno is strong, he's gonna be a light weight due to his wooden doll body.

In addition, he is capable of wall jumping and wall clinging, in reflection of his high speed and movement capabilities.

Special Moves
Standard Special: Geno Beam

The beam is supreme!
This is his starting power from when you find him in the infamous Forest Maze. Geno's arm sprouts an energy cannon, which begins to charge. By holding the button, you gain more power. Geno would glow red as he gains more power, and when it's finally released, he shoots a powerful energy beam out in front of him. This beam can hit multiple targets in a row, but can't be aimed other then in front of him.

If the button is just pressed, Geno shoots a weak, thin beam. This beam also can't reflect off of walls and such, unlike R.O.B.'s lazer.

Side Special: Geno Whirl

It's power level: Over 9000!
That caption is actually very accurate.

This attack sometimes deals critical damage to normal enemies and select bosses, such as the large sword Exor who impaled himself into Bowser's Keep. Geno throws out a spinning yellow energy frisbee in front of him. It deals moderate damage at best, but sometimes, it'll do massive damage without warning!

Just keep an eye out because this move can also go through the stage while it's flying!

Up Special: Geno Boost

Rising to the challenge.
In order to balance the star doll out, the creators gave him a status boosting move to help either himself or other party members out by raising attack and defense. This move acts like Lucario's Extreme Speed as Geno uses it on himself: He briefly pauses as he is enveloped in a red aura (complete with the arrows), and then he rushes in the desired direction. It gives good damage because of the attack boost, and Super Armor because of the defense boost.

Down Special: Geno Blast

Let's rave!
Geno brings some of that "higher authority" down onto the battle grounds with this move. Geno raises a hand, sending up a small light, and just as quickly sends his hand back down. The orb of light quickly erupts into five rainbow lights that fall down around him. Unlike Pikachu's Thunder though, this light show does go through solid obstructions, so watch out.

Final Smash: Geno Flash

Score one for the giant sun cannon.
This is Geno's most powerful attack, hands down. So it's only natural that he keep this as his Final Smash. Geno would strike a quick pose as jump high above the stage, much like Lucario. But, he'd land on...the screen? Yes, just like Snake.

While he's clinging to the screen, he'll transform into his cannon form. Now, the player can aim where they want to shoot while Geno charges up energy. When the energy is finished building up (time's up) or the player chooses where they want to shoot, Geno fires. This deadly shot grows like a Smart Bomb, and the radius is as large as...well...

I'm not sure on a definite, but it'll be giant I tell ya!

In Conclusion
Geno is the kind of guy you want on your team if you prefer pure offense and long-ranged attacks, but don't care about getting hurt.

So, do you think Geno has what it takes for Smash Brothers 4? Or should he just stay up on Star Road while the others duke it out?

Comment below what you think about that. And tell me: Would YOU like to see Geno in Super Smash Brothers 4?

I see Peach already gave her answer

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