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Character Spotlight 2: Heaven Can Wait

Welcome back to Smash Talk! with you host Brandon "the Bman" Alicea.

Next on Character Spotlight, this Smasher was supposed to be in Smash long ago, but was cut in favor of another. Always the confident one, they have no problem fighting foes several times their size. This Smasher also has a variety of weapons at their disposal, but they are best at marksmanship.

Who's That Smasher?

It's Pit!
That's right! The fight is on once this angel descends from Skyworld! Armed with the Sacred Bow from his Goddess Palutena, he has no problem fighting from up close or at a distance.

Also, might I add that his new game Kid Icarus: Uprising comes out today for 3DS! Congrats Pit! :D

Thank you!
My First Reaction
I have never even heard of the angel until I saw his trophy back in Melee.
Yeah, that's the one!
I thought he was interesting to say the least, so after some research, I found out that he had two games on handheld: the original Kid Icarus for the NES and the sequel Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters for Gameboy.

But even so, I never paid any attention to the flightless angel till he was revealed to be in Brawl. I was shocked to see such a chance in appearance between the old trophy and his current look.

I hated him at first,
Bet you could guess why...
But I've looked past that and see him as a very useful and fun character to play as.

Through His Series
This section won't be very large because he's only had 2 (now 3) games out in his own series. But they all revolve around Kid Icarus as he ventures through the forces of darkness, led my the evil Medusa, while collecting the Three Sacred Treasures to finish her off and rescue his Goddess. He starts off armed with a regular bow (not his Sacred Bow of Palutena from Brawl) that shoots regular arrows at floating eyeballs, skeletons and the like.
Oh, and this guy was a big deal for some reason.
Unless those eggplants make you vomit on contact like Waluigi's, then I don't see how the Eggplant Wizard is so dangerous.

In Super Smash Brothers
Pit is a character who can play many roles. In addition to his long-reaching arrows, he can deal multiple quick hits by splitting up his bow into two short blades.
Bring it on!
Pit is also the only character with TWO reflectors: both his spinning Angel Ring attack and his special Mirror Shield.

Not to mention that Pit has the fastest glide in the game when compared to Meta Knight and Charizard. He even has some extra jumps on him, despite his wings not being enough to give him full flight on their own...

As a Character
After watching a few videos released on the 3DS regarding Kid Icarus in an anime style, I can more accurately tell that Pit is fearless and heroic, much like other Nintendo heroes.

He's got a humorous side to him when he's joking around with Palutena, who'd he give his life for if need be. His sense of duty and loyalty are strong. He always addresses her as Lady Palutena.
Perhaps there is a romantic connection as well?
Pit is also shown to be gullible, shown when he believed he'd turn into a hamburger if he kept eating them. Judging by that, Pit must hate vegetables a lot. He's a bit of a spaz when he panics, and is aware of the other universes out there, such as the Metroid universe and even the Super Smash Brothers tournament!

He's very strong for his small size, and likes to show off before bosses by giving speeches of their downfall to the light and posing a lot. Apparently, Pit is also illiterate, and has a great love for hot springs. He also has an impulse to open Treasure Boxes, even if their traps.

He also knows what blogs are, as Palutena mentioned them to him during one of the promotional movies for Uprising. This means that Pit is aware of technology and it's progress.
And understands it better then low tech people like Link
And speaking of Link...

As a Smasher, Pit's always respectful to the women like Peach and Zelda, calling them both "Princess" before their names. He also calls Meta Knight as "Sir"before his name as well. He can't stand those who use Darkness to fight, mainly Ganondorf and Bowser. He's very touchy when it comes to his inability to fly without his Wings of Icarus special move.

He gets along with Link well, based on the Event Match where he helped him and Zelda fight off Ganondorf, and they both use bows. He gets along well with some of the younger Smashers like Ness and Toon Link. He's also on good terms with other Retro characters (R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, and the Ice Climbers), Yoshi, Kirby, and Mario especially.
These two have a good connection with one another

Smash Bros 4 Changes?
Based off of my experience playing as the angelic general, I propose making his Wings of Icarus last longer. I also want players to have more control of the arrows he fires, making them turn sharper.

Speaking of his arrows, perhaps the arrows he fires from Palutena's Bow acts in Smash as the do in Uprising? Maybe even down to the whole homing charged shot thing.
This way, spamming arrows would be harder to do, as
Pit stalls after every 3rd normal shot.
But the biggest improvement I want for Pit is to give him more agility based off his performance in Uprising. He should also cover more ground while dodging attacks.

Maybe Pit's grabs could add his Violet Palm from Kid Icarus: Uprising? Instead of him kneeing the person he grabbed, his right arm glows in the rainbow tattoo, that deals pulses of light damage. Throwing releases a powerful burst that knocks the one grabbed backwards. This weapon only glows when Pit grabs someone.
It reflects his colorful personality
Hey, maybe he could incorporate that into his moveset as well? Or not. Just so long he keeps Palutena's Bow with him. And speaking of his Goddess, I say give Pit his own Smash Taunt (like the StarFox characters and Snake) where he talks with his Goddess about who he's fighting, what move to watch out for, and any weaknesses they could have.
Because we all need a little help every now and again
Maybe even with some guest stars, like Hades, Viridi, Phosphora, Dyntos, Poseidon, Pyrrhon, Medusa, Pandora, Thanatos, or Dark Lord Gaol. And a special conversation when Pit fights against another Pit in the Dark Pit costume!

And finally, give Palutena and the angel their new looks and voice actors for Smash 4.

This section replaces my "Final Thoughts" part from Mario's Spotlight. What this part is for is to get you asking yourself: Should Pit be allowed to stay in Smash Brothers?

I kept this omitted from Mario's because it's OBVIOUS that he will be in the next Super Smash Bros game.
Like it or not, there is 100% chance that these 12 are here to stay
But the question still remains: should the angel stay and fight, or is his Smash career done for? Personally, I think that he will stay, due to his new game boosting his popularity with the fans and the fact that he was supposed to be in the original SSB for Nintendo 64. If he were in, Jigglypuff wouldn't.

Comment below and share your answer with the Smash Bros community: Would YOU like to keep Pit playable in Super Smash Brothers 4?
Please don't drop me :(
Until next time! :D

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