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Strongest in the Universe?!: Nintendo's Big 4

Welcome back to Smash Talk! Once again, I'm Brandon "the Bman" Alicea, with another Super Discussion on all things Smash Brothers.

If you remember back to the end of my Character Spotlight (titled Jump to the Top), I referred to Super Mario as one of the game's Big 4.

Now, what this means is that he is one of the most powerful icons inside the Smash games. Of course, this may also have to do that he is Nintendo's mascot, so he kinda gets that footstool jump above the rest.

Now that's classy.
But if you look past the characters they are in Smash and delve into the characters they are in themselves, I think it just makes it more apparent. But of course this is just my opinion.

Anyways, the Big 4 are the most well known of Nintendo's fighters and are only a fraction of the full list of powerful Smashers that I'll talk about. They're lean, they're mean...

They're Mario, Link, Pikachu, and Kirby!
These four were confirmed the very moment we knew that the Brawl had begun, and are the most powerful of everyone if at their full potential. First up...

As I've said briefly in his own Character Spotlight, Mario has a plethora of Power-Ups at his disposal, especially since some of his most recent games let him store a Fire Flower or two until he needs them. Add that to some Super Leaves, Ice Flowers, Yoshi Eggs for a quick way to summon his pal, his special Wing Cap, and even some Starmans or Mega Mushrooms and you got yourself a force to be reckoned with.
He will rock your world!
Mario's also proficient with weapons like hammers, Koopa shells, and boomerangs. He knows a variety of hammer techniques that vary from spinning attacks to creating earthquakes. But Mario's just a fine beating someone up with his bare hands. Speaking of bare hands, he's been known to wield the technique known as the Firebrand to shoot fire without a Power-Up!
But I'm sure you knew that already.
Mario's also an excellent jumper whose bested only by his brother Luigi. He can Triple Jump, Wall Jump, Spin Jump, and as seen in Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS, the Power Squat Jump. Mario's agile enough to evade most attacks just by jumping over them or past 'em.

And if you think he's bad alone, wait till he teams up with Luigi! They could pull of special attacks of the likes of which will leave you speechless.
Assuming they get the timing right...
He can also use the cleaning device known as F.L.U.D.D. with effectively in battle. And rumor is that his Cape brings him even more power. But his most powerful Power-Up might be the Fire Flower. Just think of the size of the Mario Finale that'll make...

Link has certainly earned his title as The Hero of Time. Not only can he travel through time with the famed Ocarina of Time, his main weapon is the Master Sword. Just that alone almost guarantees that opposition will meet a quick end, but he's even better when he has his shield equipped too.

And he just has as much weapons and items as Mario, if not more! He's highly skilled with a bow and arrow, boomerang, bombs, slingshot, and pretty much anything else he finds on his journey.
They see me strolling, they hating...
He also has a number of bottles on his person, either for holding Red Potions to heal himself, or a little Fairy to revive him should he be defeated. If he's at full health, Link can swing his sword and fire a powerful Sword Beam. I mean, he's a really strong swordsman!
He's even a playable character in Soul Calibur 2
for the Nintendo Gamecube!
Link's very determined and never gives up. If he needs an extra burst of speed, he can just delve into his Inventory and put on his Pegasus Boots or just call over his faithful horse Epona for a ride.

And speaking of animals, Link can transform into a feral wolf at will, as seen in the Wii's Twilight Princess. He may loose some attack power, but his speed gets a wicked boost as he tears foes apart with his claws and teeth. His teeth even have the same darkness destroying power as the Master Sword if he wielded it before transforming!
The beast inside of him just wants to be free
And since he's a wolf, he has enhanced movement capabilities and senses. And if were digging more into Link's past, then he'll be able to use masks to change form as well, like the Fierce Deity Mask. And while I think it suits Young Link better instead of the older Twilight styled Link, it's not entirely impossible to happen...

The face of the Pokémon franchise. Right away, I'm going to say that the Smash series is based off of video game facts and persons, so please do not associate this creature with Ash Ketchem's Pikachu.
Or else Wario will find you after he's eaten a 5 bean burrito
Anyways, Pikachu is incredibly quick on his feet and very agile, judging by his ability to use Quick Attack, Agility, and possibly in a rare case, Extreme Speed.

Pikachu is of a very high level (I'll get more into it when I do a Character Spotlight of Pikachu sometime in the future) and knows a variety of powerful Electric-type moves like Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, and Discharge.
Thunderbolts and lightning
very, very frightening!
There is also a chance that this Pikachu is a special one. Like one of those old Event give-away type of Pokémon. If it is, it could learn Fly, Sing, Teeter Dance, or even Surf! If the Pokémon characters in Smash can learn a move that isn't even real in the Pokémon games (Thunder Jolt, Puff Up, and Aura Storm), whose to say that Pikachu isn't capable of performing every possible move in his moveset!?

Sir Pikachu is prepared for fisticuffs.
Have at you
I don't care if he's just a baby, this puffball kicks some major butt. Kirby is capable of inhaling enemies to get powers right? Imagine he could use any of those abilities any time he wants! Kirby is capable of holding Copy Abilities in his stomach much like how Mario stores his Power-Ups in his overalls and Link's weapons in his tunic. He could also create Helper characters by giving up his current power if he needs to.
See? Straight outta Squeak Squad for the DS.
Kirby is capable of flying indefinitely as long as he holds his breath like a balloon, and can puff out damaging air pellets through a technique called the "Air Gun". Kirby can even kick it up a notch with his Super Inhale, which sucks in more things from farther, and his more powerful Super Air Gun attack.
Like that old saying goes: If ya can't beat 'em, eat 'em!
Kirby also has a tiny cellphone in his possession. With it, he can call for back up or even the Warp Star for a quick ride to safety. Any kind of Air Ride machine, especially ones like the Dragoon or the Hydra, are deadly in his nubs. He can even super charge his power further with his ground-breaking Super Abilities!

He may only have 5, but you don't even wanna see one!
Wrapping Up
These four...
Of course they're balanced out in Smash games so players have a more equal standing with each other, but even so, these four drive the purest adrenaline that Smash fans have come to see. They're already givens for being Playable characters, but the skill and power behind these icons is something that is to both be respected and feared.

So I want to know: What did you think? Do you agree with me view on this powerful characters, or do we disagree about something? Did I get an accurate hold over their abilities?

Comment below and share with me your personal opinions and thoughts about this. Meanwhile, my next post will explain who else is to be feared more then the rest: Not as known as the Big 4, but definitely on the same level of strength, speed, and control!
B-But...who are they?!
You'll have to wait until next time! ;D

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