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Strongest in the Universe?!: The Will of 12

Welcome back to Smash Talk! with Brandon "the Bman" Alicea.

After my last update, I mentioned that there were more super strong characters in Smash that toppled the rest if viewed by their raw power or experience, as opposed to their balanced play in the Smash games.

These Smashers have a close relation to the Big 4, one that withstood the test of time and trials they've encountered over the years.
So, wondering who's in the same league as these guys?
I won't tell you who...I'll just show you! Behold!

Was there ever any doubt?
Master Hand chose these fighters from the very beginning for a reason! Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby, Samus, Fox, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Ness, and Jigglypuff; The strongest of the strong!

Why? Allow me to explain. For the first four characters, please look back at my previous post titled Strongest in the Universe?!: The Big 4. Because they're so many more in this post, I'll try to be brief and to the point.

Samus Aran
Don't tell her to stay in the kitchen.
Not only is she a world class bounty hunter with her own ship, Samus has her own special Varia Suit to protect her from hazards and increase her offense. She can fire a wide variety of beams, like the Ice Beam and Dark Beam, homing missiles, and a Grapple Beam to real in far foes. She can also curl into her Morph Ball form and lay bombs, or get up close for a special Screw Attack.

And if she loses her suit for whatever reason, her attacks still go on. She'll charge at foes in her Zero Suit, with her new-found speed and fight either up close or from a distance with her Paralyzer. Regardless of her suit or not, Samus is very quick on her feet and her past has made her ruthless in fights where lives are on the line. You don't want to see her mad...

Fox McCloud
Ready for action.
Fox McCloud is an excellent pilot when he gets inside of his personal Arwing, soaring above the rest while shooting them with lasers and Smart Bombs. If any fire comes his way, he'll just do a Barrel Roll and dodge the enemy fire. But if he's fighting on the ground instead, that doesn't mean anything.

Fox is cunning and will use that to his advantage. He's very fast as he speeds along the ground and kicks in rapid succession. He can charge up his Blaster to deal more damage and can even lock on a single target. He also has access to other weapons, such as a plethora of grenades, Slippy's special Cloaking Device from Melee, and Krystal's special staff. With it, he can shoot ice, make earthquakes, and create shields to protect himself. He's sure skilled as a mercenary...

All hatched and ready to roll!
Yoshi's quick on his feet and capable of traveling fast despite a passenger on his back. His tongue could swallow practically anything and he throws his eggs with pinpoint accuracy. He can eat special fruits to power himself up just like Mario and Luigi, or certain Koopa Shells. He can even spit out acidic stomach juices to push foes away, similar to Mario's F.L.U.D.D.

Yoshi has a very sensitive nose that's able to sniff out foes via their scent. He can encase himself into an egg for defense, offense, or for support by hatching an item to use. He can also throw tiny eggs that shrink others and summon a whole herd of Yoshis to stampede over the opposition. It's also rumored that he can control gravity as well...

Donkey Kong
That's one strong Kong
DK is without a doubt the strongest Smasher in the game. Bowser may be on par with him if anyone from Smash, but DK's not inhibited by a shell on his back. DK's limber enough to scale trees and dance around enemy attacks. Besides, he's the only one who can JUMP while carrying something anyway. He can create sound waves by clapping his hands together, and can throw barrels down too.

DK could just run up to someone and do a Barrel Roll of his own, or just truck 'em while riding Rambi the Rhinoceros. He could drink a Banana Potion to gain temporary hit points as his fur turns a golden color. He's even more deadly with Diddy Kong on his back. Those two are the wildest of animals when together...

Oh, that spaz. What's his name again?
Although forgotten my most people, despite his heroics, Luigi's still counted as one of the toughest and one of the Secret Characters with Falcon, Ness, and Jigglypuff. Luigi can do anything Mario can do, but in his own way with his own quirks. He may jump higher, but he has less traction. Plus he's clumsy. But, he is more defense and stamina-based when compared to the offensive Mario. Having the two team up is something you don't want happening!

But Luigi can do unique things Mario can't. He knows the special technique called the Thunderhand, which lets him control electricity at a whim. He can also use his special Poltergust to suck in ghosts and items, or expel wind, water, ice, and fire! Luigi has a dark side to him as well, as evident from his Negative Zone Final Smash...

Captain Falcon

Falcon Pose!
Captain Falcon is the fastest out of everyone on this list. He can run circles around anyone trying to take him down, and he's super athletic too. He's got a gun on his side, and assuming it shoots something more futuristic to reflect his world, it might be a lazer gun.

Regardless, no one is really sure just what Falcon can do because this series is where we play as him on his own outside of his Blue Falcon! He's another bounty hunter like Samus, and with his devastating Falcon Punch, the limits of his power are a mystery still!

Home Run!
People think that Ness would be a push-over because he looks so young, but they're dead wrong. Ness has PSI, and is capable of learning various attacks to tear apart his foes. He's done it for Smash, and he can do it again; in Earthbound, Ness could only learn PK Flash. His Trophies said that companions Paula and Poo taught him to use PK Fire, PK Thunder, PSI Magnet, and the dreaded PK Starstorm. Ness could heal himself with PSI and use his powerful signature attack: PK Rockin!

In addition to his special moves, Ness can fight up close with baseball bats and yo-yos. He can also read the minds of his opponents, but he doesn't choose to. He's such a good kid...

Jigglypuff is another character the people underestimate, but she will own you if given the chance. She's extremely maneuverable in the air and quick as well. Her Sing attack could knock opponents out before wailing on them with a Smash Attack or Rollout. She's very strong when she's angry and can use different moves that no one would expect.

Mostly with TMs, she could learn moves like Hidden Power and Perish Song for when things get desperate. Her Hyper Voice is a true monstrous move, along with more vocal attacks like Round and Echo Voice. Her balloon-like body is good for deflating to avoid enemy attacks...

Wrapping Up
Aw, look who's all tired out from beating up everyone.
These 12 are the strongest in the World of Trophies, hand picked (pardon the pun) by Master Hand himself. These heroes hold so much power inside their bodies that if unleashed together could bring something of great joy...or great ruin.

But...I have the feeling that there could be more. Is there someone else? Someones else?
Comment and tell me who do YOU think deserves a chance to be the Strongest in the Universe! I want to hear your opinions, and speaking of opinions, what do you think of mine?

Until next time! :D

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