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Challenger Approaching! 4: Roaming Chaos

- Debut: Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)
- Latest Appearance: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (2012)

- Affiliation: Unknown
Black hearted evil, or brave hearted hero? Shadow the Hedgehog does as he pleases, and isn't as friendly as his rival Sonic. He'll hold nothing back as he uses his Chaos powers to decimate the rest. I wonder how Master Hand even got him to join?

Shadow is the second most popular Sonic character after the blue blur himself. Plus, with his spinoff game, he's roped in quite the fan base. Although I'm not to big a fan of Shadow myself, I admit that he does have potential, and would very much like to see him in.
As well as a certain level of tough guy attitude that fans love.

Sonic and Shadow go way back as rivaling forces, each one trying to out do the other. It seems to have gone on for quite a while, and (at least in Shadow's mind) this will be the final step in surpassing Sonic.
This will tip the balance in his favor, if
he plays his cards right.
Given their history, Shadow joins Sonic as part of the Sonic universe. That being said, he despises being compared to the speedster.

So while Sonic and Shadow share the same icon and universe, Shadow will have his own victory theme, just like Meta Knight when compared to Kirby and King DeDeDe.
Perhaps they aren't so different?
Sonic still has the title of the fastest, but Shadow is just a smidge behind that you couldn't even tell the difference. Shadow's moveset comes heavily from the game Sonic Battle for Game Boy Advanced.

He won't be using a gun like in the picture. But he does do the melee combo from Shadow the Hedgehog for GameCube.

Compared to Sonic, Shadow is stronger, and has less traction and handling thanks to his Air Shoes. But his Air Shoes DO deal fire damage to anyone who comes into contact with their flames. He leaves a flaming path behind him as he runs.
Talk about trail-blazing...

Shadow is a heavy weight capable of wall clinging and jumping. Male and female fans alike would like his tough attitude and power. And perhaps the girls would find him...cute?
Poor Shadow. I think...
Special Moves
Standard Special: Chaos Spear
Shot through the heart, and you're too late!
Shadow's signature move is very powerful, so long as you charge it up. Just tapping the button gives several small arrows, much like Sheik's Needles. A moderate charge gives something close to the picture above. And a full charge makes the move Chaos Lance.

Chaos Lance is red instead of yellow, much larger, and more powerful. All forms of this have a good chance at breaking shields, so watch your defensive.

Side Special: Spin Dash

Have a ball
As much as the hedgehog hates being compared to Sonic, they do have similar attacks. The Spin Dash is an example of that.

I decided on the Spin Dash because Shadow uses it in his GameCube game and to show his likes with Sonic. Unlike Sonic's version of the move, Shadow's version is stronger and a tad slower by comparison. It also deals damage that Sonic's can't, like fire (Air Shoes). Maybe electric or darkness? Something like that...

Up Special: Chaos Control
Let's do the time warp again!
Another of Shadow's memorable moves. Instead of slowing down time like in Brawl, Shadow teleports himself to another location based on the control stick's direction.

Unlike Zelda's teleporting move, it does no damage and can go through solid parts of the stage. This way, a ledge won't block you if you're directly under it.

Down Special: Chaos Burst
Nice picture, if I do say so myself.
This is a special move from Sonic Battle. When used, Shadow spins once, turns invisible for a split second, and then reappears with a dome of purplish Chaos energy around him. Anyone hit gets damaged multiple times and flies straight up. If the button is held, Shadow creeps forward slowly while invisible. However, he stops at a ledge and can't do anything else while invisible, other then the move.

How fast Shadow moves during the invisible part depends on his momentum. And if he uses this in the air, he still goes invisible, but falls straight down before doing it. Using it in the air is very risky, as you can't see where Shadow will land.

And I'd like to thank ryu for posting a sprite sheet from the game, which is where I found this picture.
I don't know who he is, but he's a good guy for posting this.

Final Smash: Chaos Blast
Death to all who appose me!
I'm going to make one thing very clear: SHADOW HAS NO CHAOS EMERALDS!

Sonic uses them in his Final Smash, so Shadow doesn't have them at his disposal. Instead, he charges up Chaos energy and unleashes a giant dome of energy around himself.

I'd imaging the size is about that of Luigi's Negative Zone, and deals multiple hits like a Smart Bomb. It spreads rather fast, and Shadow doesn't fall down if he uses it in the air.

As an alternative, perhaps he could do multiple Chaos Blasts with shorter range in a set time? Comment below and tell me which you prefer.

In Conclusion
All hail Shadow
Shadow is for the type of players who want some more variety in their hedgehog, and despise Sonic with a burning passion.

So, should the Ultimate Lifeform finally have his chance to best his arch-rival in combat himself? Or will he be stuck as an Assist Trophy, displaying only a fraction of his power?

Comment below and tell me: Do YOU want to see Shadow the Hedgehog in Super Smash Brothers 4?

I'll show you my ultimate power!
Until next time! :D

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