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Character Spotlight 4: Greed Is Good

*Just a quick note: I've long beaten Kid Icarus Uprising by now and I'm going to take a look at Pit's Character Spotlight (titled Heaven Can Wait) to make changes. Just so you all know :) *

And now for the next Character Spotlight!

This Smasher...is certainly an odd one.

They may be strong, but none too bright. Well, usually anyway. They may have a one track mind when it comes to their favorite thing (they've risked their life again and again for it), but...

It's hard to say anything positive about this one. Um...they're successful I suppose. Yeah, really know how to travel in style around town. They may be hard-headed, but they've got an ego the size of a Snorlax.

Who's that Smasher?

It's Wario!
 The wicked Wario's invaded the Smash tournament! He's not afraid to play dirty, especially when there's money on the line!

My First Reaction
I never heard of Wario until about...um...

I can't recall the first game I played with Wario in it. But my initial reaction was to be expected for me seeing Mario's warped impostor for the first time...
Do Not Want!
I thought he was some kind of joke or something, but the treasure hunter was certainly real. As I got to play as him, I began to feel less animosity towards him and more respect.

I learned that though he may look like Mario (kinda), he could do things he couldn't. Like his signature Shoulder Barge attack, or attacking others by farting. There were times where I was tired of Mario's constant heroics and wanted to get into a more bad guy style that Wario gives.

Through His Series
When it comes to the beginning of Wario's misadventures, one must look to the Mario series of games for an answer. Wario started off randomly appearing after Mario's trek in Sarasaland had proven him victorious against Tatanga.

Wario went off to Mario's castle (Arceus knows how he could afford one) and sealed himself away with Six Golden Coins, which he spread out amongst Mario Land's hypnotized inhabitants.
Obey Wario...Destroy Mario!
Of course, Wario got kicked out, but he's been a thorn in the plumber's side ever since. Eventually, as the years went on of Wario losing to the good guys, the miser came to an epiphany.
I could make my own games! Making me more
popular AND wealthy! Wahaha!
So, he packed up his garlic and moved to Diamond City, the location of his million-dollar company WarioWare Incorporated!

It was here that Wario found a new look, new ride, and even new friends to help him!
Yes, Wario has friends other then Waluigi.
Perhaps he also has a love interest in the greedy red-head Mona? He'll never tell.

In Super Smash Brothers
Wario is an unorthodox character, confusing others with his weird movement and nice air speed. His Wario Bike is actually near Sonic's speed in Brawl, but you'd be surprised how easy it could be for others to knock you right out of your seat, instead of trucking on through them.
Ew, I hit a bird...
Wario thrives on deception and surprise, coming from a relatively quick heavy weight. He doesn't have any long reaching projectiles, but his Wario Waft is something you DON'T want to be caught in.

As a Character
One thing you can't miss is that Wario is greedy. Very greedy. Very VERY greedy.

OK, they get it...
Wario's gone through countless ruins, worlds, and lands in his quest for Coins, and even if things bite him in the end, he still has his wealth. Wario has the nerve to take what he wants, without the concerns of others weighing him down.

That being said,Wario isn't as evil a villain like Bowser. He just doesn't think sometimes and rushes into situations with a dollar sign and lots of zeros. When it relates to his WarioWare friends, he isn't completely heartless, seeing that he's had friends before thinking up his get-rich-quicker game company.

Though he is a glutton for garlic with a bad attitude, he makes up for it with his superior upper body strength and charisma.
As if you can handle this much swag.
Wario's only known family is his bro Waluigi, and the two have hatched some devious schemes together. It is also said that Wario is Mario's cousin, which I think explains the similarities and rivalry between the bros.

Speaking of Mario, him and Wario are mirror opposites. Everything Mario is, Wario is not. While Mario eats Mushrooms and uses Fire Flowers, Wario eats Garlic and prefers Bob-ombs. And though their differences seemed to have been settled along time ago, there may still be some jealously in there somewhere...
It's hard to forget the one who always bests you in everything
With the rest of the Mario cast, no one enjoys his company due to his bad manners and attitude. He enjoys picking on the scaredy Luigi, but he'd rather get Mario's stache in a knot if given the choice. It's a wonder how Peach keeps inviting him to stuff...
Of course, he could crash just to show everybody up...
As a Smasher, very few can stand Wario. Lucas, Ness, and the Pokémon Trainer hate him during their time together from the Subspace Emissary. Bowser often associates with the miser to take down Mario, but these alliances don't last long.

If anyone could stand him, let alone befriend him, it would most likely be Wolf (both strive to gain more money), King DeDeDe (both greedy and are big eaters), R.O.B. (considering Wario works with video games and R.O.B. is a game accessory in the real world, they could feel a bond), Mr. Game & Watch (similar reason to R.O.B., but also due to them meeting in Wario Land 4 for GameBoy Advance, with G&W selling Wario items), and surprisingly Meta Knight.
What the Fronk?!
Now, while Meta would be appalled by his rudeness and cheating ways, they do share a common standing. They are fierce rivals to another (Mario and Kirby), while having their own unique style of operation.

While Wario must let himself be known to everyone, showing how great he is, Meta is more humble and chivalrous, deciding that his skills should do the talking instead of bragging.

While he has honor, Wario has none. They would be perfect teammates, which I'll explain more about in a future post.

Smash Bros 4 Changes?
One big thing I want to see done with Wario is to change his Down Smash to his Earthshake Punch.

When he charges it up, he swings his arm around. Those
close to him might get buried or sent flying.
Just to give some representation to Wario Land: Shake It! for Wii. His pummel should also be changed to shaking his opponent about, just like he shakes...well, everything.
Talk about your shake downs
In addition, just some small things. Make him a little stronger and faster and I'm happy. And some more range on his Side Smash and Wario Waft. And maybe make it not so easy to be knocked off your bike.

Being a Wario player myself, I encounter this FAR MORE OFTEN then I'd imagine. I understand that I can be knocked off to be fair, but there's no contest to whether or not I can stay on. Which I'd like to do...

Who else but Wario?
Wario is a popular villain/anti-hero in Nintendo's world of games, and he has his own sub-series like Yoshi and the Kongs.

But is it time his toilet humor get flushed away? Or does the bad biker have another day to ride his hog through the Bridge of Eldin?

Personally, I love Wario and don't want to see him go. He's an amazing character with many fans who would be upset to see him leave the Smash Brothers.

But of course, I still gotta ask: Would YOU like to keep Wario in Super Smash Brothers 4? Comment below and tell me what's on your mind.

Until next time! :D

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