Friday, May 4, 2012

Challenger Approaching! 5: Black Magic

- Debut: WarioWare:Touched! (2004)
- Latest Appearance: WarioWare D.I.Y. (2009)
- Affiliation: Evil

She's the girl next-door living in her haunted mansion. Ashley takes a break from her potions and spells to compete against Wario and others in the Smash tournament. Accompanied by her little devil friend Red, she shows her magical skill as a witch-in-training.

One of the biggest reasons is that we need more female characters in Smash.
And I'm sure the guys won't mind a few more ladies
Girls need their fair share of representation in the fighting tournament, as even the damsels can fight back nowadays. Of course, I am counting Nana and Jigglypuff in the mix, even if Popo does most of the fighting.

And Jigglypuff is obviously female. If the hats don't give it away, then you must be more lost then a Slowpoke hit with PSI Brainshock.

Ashley would be classified as a character from the Wario universe, with a capital W as her icon. She does work for WarioWare, specializing in strange micro games.
She can be a little distant and mysterious
...and sometimes scary... 
I'm not sure how Wario got her to sign up, but as long as it makes him more money he couldn't care less!

When playing as Ashley, the player notices that Red will follow her around at all times, reacting to when she gets damaged or KO'd. At the same time, Ashley will always hold her scepter in her hand.

B-But isn't Red Ashley's scepter?
That is true.
In game (most likely during a cutscene in the Adventure Mode), it will show Red transforming into the scepter as Ashley grabs it. Inside the red crystal, an image of Red can be seen. Focusing her magic, Ashley expels Red from the gem, while the scepter stays in one piece! In theory, she could probably dispel the scepter away when she doesn't need it...

When Ashley grabs crates and barrels, she uses a magical beam from the scepter, like levitation.

In fact, a lot of her attacks look like Beam Kirby's attacks,
due to the scepters having similar shape.
Other then that, Ashley is a light weight character. Female players (and guys alike) would love another girl in the group, as well as her magical attacks behind her innocent demeanor.

Special Moves
Standard Special: Spell Blast
Just like this! Only with Ashley, of course
You have to remember: Ashley's a witch. She'll cast a hex on you if you think she's just another girly-girl like Peach.

With a wave of her scepter, a swirl of shapes (like that of the Magikoopas) flies out. The attack can be angled up or down as well. On contact, the spell with either burn, freeze, or electrocute the target. There is more of a chance at freezing however...

Side Special: Red Wrath
Just switch Cheese with Red and you're good.
The manner of Red following Ashley around is identical to Sonic's friends Cream and Cheese. Cheese is Cream only means of defending herself. So let's say Ashley wants Red to pull his own weight for once...

With only a wave of her arm out in front of her, Red flies forward covered in red energy like a little red comet. This actually deals strong knockback and damage! After moving a set distance, Red comes back to the witch's side once more.

Up Special: Broom Ride
Such a starry night
One other thing that Red can turn into is Ashely's broom. And being a witch, of course she can fly on it.

Ashely hops on and flies freely, much like R.O.B.'s Robo Burner. But this move is more free to control and maneuver. After a set time, Red transforms back to himself. If they are still airborne, then Ashley will fall down helpless, Red still underneath her.

But at least he'll cushion her fall. This move deals no damage.

Down Special: Mirror Force
Reflect this!
 Ashley knows a variety of spells from her studies already. This is just a taste of her mastery. Originally, this was supposed to be a counter move, but we have enough of those and doesn't suit her as well.

With a wave of her scepter, Ashely conjures an energy wall of red magic. This floats on its own and is stationary. It reflects any projectiles back at the enemies, while Ashley's own shots pass right on through it. It even works from both sides, and stays in the air when used in the air!

After a while, it disappears. She can have only one on screen at a time. This is essentially the Reflect Barrier power from Kid Icarus Uprising, but Ashely uses it due to her study of magics.

Final Smash: Piranhacus Giganticus
Oh no not again!
For her Final Smash, Ashley unleashes a very powerful spell that summons giant Piranha Plants on the stage! She may have had some trouble initially when she cast it in WarioWare Smooth Moves, but she's gone far from then.

These Piranha Plants may look like roses, but are just as vicious. They can't move, but will snap their jaws at the closest pray. These thins are huge, and there are spread out throughout the stage, so almost nowhere is safe! When it ends, the plants just go back into the ground, leaving Ashley with a satisfied smile.

In Conclusion
Such a spooky girl
Ashely is great for anyone who wants to set up traps from a distance with her Mirror Force, and have a versatile moveset of up close and long range spells.

Now I want your opinion: Do her dark powers measure up? Or do they pale in comparison to the other Smashers?

I say let her in with open arms, but Comment below and tell me: Do YOU want to see Ashley and Red in Super Smash Brothers 4?
And if you say no,
you're toast.
Until next time! :D

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