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Challenger Approaching! 6: Twinkle Twinkle

- Debut: Densetsu no Stafy (2002)
- Latest Appearance: The Legendary Starfy (2008)
- Affiliation: Good
Straight out of his palace in Pufftop is the Legendary Starfy! He's ready to give it everything he's got as a participant in the Smash Tournament.

One of the biggest focuses for the Smash series is to add more Nintendo-original characters outside of those already playable. And his most recent game that hit North America added to his fan base outside of Japan.

Starfy was in Brawl as an Assist Trophy, where he did his little Star Spin to deal damage.
There he is!
Unfortunately, he was more of a nuisance then a threat, even able to be smacked off the stage. I hope that Nintendo lets him be a playable character, just to show fans the reason why he's the "Legendary" Starfy.

Starfy is in another universe when compared to the other fighters, being part of the Densetsu no Stafy universe. Or the Legendary Starfy universe. Whatever works better.

As for a symbol for his universe, I suggest a small icon of Starfy himself.
He's deserved the recognition.
If there is another symbol that could be better suited for his icon, please share with me your ideas by Commenting.

Starfy is definitely a light weight character, based off of his small size and the fact that you can swat him away in Brawl.

Most of his attacks will revolve around spin attacks and failing his little limbs at others, like slapping. Even his dash animation comes from his series.
Run away!
Starfy also has the ability to glide by flapping his arms, also from his game series. Now, he will also be able to crawl and wall jump. His little sister Starly taught him these moves in order to help him do better.
The two are very close.
Female gamers would love the little prince, much like Kirby. The dudes would also get a kick out of his crazy special moves and comical movements.

Special Moves
Standard Special: Star Spin
He boldly does a spin attack!
This is Starfy's main method of attack, and his action as an Assist Trophy. He does a quick little spin, dealing multiple hits against a target. It doesn't do a lot of damage, but there is a chance that the opponent will slip because of it.

But if Starf uses this move too quickly in rapid succession, he'll get dizzy. This will leave him open to attack until he comes back to his senses.

Side Special: Powerful Spin
Let's Moe them down!
Starfy's best friend is a clam named Moe. Moe loves treasure and is the sole guardian of his three younger siblings. Moe and Starfy became best friends after Starf fell into the ocean in his first adventure.

For this move, Starfy takes out Moe and spins around with him. First seen in Densetsu no Stafy 4, this move deals great damage and knockback. This also helps with recovery somewhat. However, if used in the air, it will leave Starf helpless, as he'll get dizzy.

Up Special: Surf Jump
Like a Starf!
Whenever Starfy does his Star Spin while he comes out of the water, he does a Surf Jump. This is much higher then a normal jump, and also does damage to enemies that come into contact with the prince.

In Smash, Starf does a spin attack that rises upwards. He becomes surrounded with water, much like a raging whirlpool. He actually pulls foes in slightly, while dealing multiple hits like Wario's Corkscrew. He becomes dizzy after the move, making him helpless.

Down Special: Shooting Star
More like a falling star I think
One of Starfy's more powerful moves. Starf jumps up and comes crashing down like the star he is. This is much like the Bowser Bomb. This deals a great amount of damage, but one has to be careful. Starfy keeps going until he hits something below him.

Final Smash: Magical Coin
Oh poo...
In Densetsu no Stafy 4, there is a golden coin that Starfy can use against enemies. For his Final Smash, he raises this large coin above his head as it spins above him. One one side is a star, while the other is a piece of poop. The coin will stop if the player presses A or after some time has passed.

If his coin stops on the star, then Starfy gives everyone else on stage massive damage, while Starfy himself gets a Starman to keep him safe.

But, if the coin lands on the poop, then everyone (including Starfy) gets small damage, as if they were hit with a weak Wario Waft. I'm not sure what to classify that type of attack as. Not poison...

In Conclusion
I'm the super star!
Starfy is great for players who like to be small targets who focus on racking up damage quickly. And anyone who likes a little laugh as Starfy dashes across the screen in a panic.

But does the young prince have his head in the clouds, thinking he could pose a threat? Or should he fight with such power that even Falcon is quaking in his boots?

Comment below and tell me: Would YOU like to see Starfy in Super Smash Brothers 4?
Please don't swat him away!
Until next time! :D

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