Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Character Spotlight 5: Pink Pwnage

This Smasher is quite the little glutton. They can't help themselves when it comes to food, and they aren't exactly a picky eater. They're one of the younger Smashers in the tournament, but they are quite skilled.

They are quite innocent, with one of the purest hearts in Smash. Of course, they tend to have a one track mind with food. They've accomplished much, even if their head's in the stars.

Who's that Smasher?

It's Kirby!
He's a man of many, many faces. He may be pink, but he's really dangerous! Kirby returns to the Smash Brothers as a seasoned veteran.

My First Reaction
I'm proud to say that my first Kirby game was Nightmare in Dreamland for GameBoy Advance. It was the commercial that really brought my attention to the pink puffball.
I loved the game so much, I followed up with Amazing Mirror for GameBoy Advance, and that really set the ball moving for the games for me. I've never owned a real Kirby game on a console until Kirby's Return to Dreamland for Wii. Not counting Kirby Air Ride for GameCube.

Through His Series
Kirby is always at odds with his main enemy, King DeDeDe. It all started when DDD stole Dreamland's food, prompting our hero to get it back.
They've been competing against each other since.
Sometimes, DDD is the least of Kirby's problems. He fights to protect Dreamland from Nightmare, Kracko, the Squeak Squad, and even the mysterious Meta Knight!

And there's more where they came from!
Kirby fights off the hoards of enemies with his signature ability to inhale enemies, which makes their power his own!

In Super Smash Brothers
Kirby's main ability, as I've said, is inhaling others and taking their powers, giving himself a festive hat in the process.
T-That's a lot of hats!
Kirby is a small character with a long recovery, thanks to his ability to puff up like a balloon and fly. He's a hard target to hand hits on, thanks to his low crouch, but he's floaty enough to get sent flying far if he's hit with a Falcon Punch.

As a Character
Kirby is an unknown species of alien, called "Kirby" themselves based off the puffball's name. Even so, Kirby is classified as a Star Warrior along with Meta Knight. Despite that, Kirby is only a baby. He's very curious about his surroundings, and is usually very peaceful.

He's very sweet, even with King DeDeDe and Meta! Meta trains Kirby as a mentor, but still sees himself as a rival to the young Star Warrior.
With his help, Kirby's swordsmanship has really improved.
Even enemy DDD is less hostile to the puffball. They've been engaged in fast food-eating competitions, and DDD has joined up with Kirby on various occasions. Other then them, Kirby has other friends like Rick the Hamster, Gooey, and aspiring artist Adeleine.

As a Smasher, the girls just eat him up! Peach, Zelda, Nana, and even Samus to a degree. The older ladies seem to mother him sometimes, while with Nana, it's more friendly like an older sister.
You know you can't resist the face!
Kirby is still a baby, so he spends most of his time with other kids like Ness or Lucas. Kirby also gets along well with Yoshi, due to similar interests and stomachs. Kirby really doesn't hate anyone at all. That being said, he'll do anything to protect his friends.

Kirby's favorite food is Maxim Tomatoes. It's not rare you'll find him engaging in speed eating contests with his fellow gluttonous Smashers (Yoshi, DDD, Wario, and occasionally Mario, Ike, DK, Diddy, and Bowser join in too).

Smash Bros 4 Changes?
As much as I love the Star Warrior, he could use some improvements for the next Smash game. First off, make his Inhale reach farther, start up faster, and leave him less vulnerable when he ends it. He could also move faster and jump higher when something's in his mouth when compared to Brawl.
Plus, if he holds B after awhile, he uses
the more far reaching and powerful Super Inhale!
All of this relates to Kirby's performance in Return to Dreamland for Wii.

Speaking of said game, I suggest making Stone come out faster, and last a little longer as well. Whenever I use it, it's very hard to land a hit because it is so obvious. Kirby would do a very small hop before transforming, doing damage even if he does it on the ground! And make Kirby transform back to normal faster, dealing small damage to anyone close to him when doing so.
Take the competition down a peg
Also, make his Final Cutter come out faster and the beam longer and harder to avoid. Maybe the weapon could actually look like a Cutter instead of a sword? And give his Vulcan Jab more range and a vacuum effect (if it doesn't already have one).

And one of the bigger things: Kirby should eat enemies in Adventure Mode! Other then Koopas Shells, he could eat things like Primids, Giant Goombas (with Super Inhale), or anything that could fit in his mouth. He doesn't get a power, but could spit them out as stars or just swallows them as if they were an item. If he swallowed an explosive enemy, then he gets damage from the explosive.

And of course, make Kirby stronger overall. Give the pink puffball some more fight in him, shall we?

Final Thoughts
Words as true as true can be
Kirby is an adorable character who guys and girls just love! His games offer a lot in terms of new Copy Abilities, and he was quite the spin-off strength with Canvas Curse for DS and Epic Yarn for Wii.

And speaking of Copy Abilities, all of them, coupled with his ability to store powers in his stomach for later use, make him a force to be reckoned with as a member of the Big 4.

So, how do you feel about the young Star Warrior? Is there anything else important to be mentioned? Comment below and tell me what you think about Kirby.
He has good taste, that's for sure!
Until next time! :D

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