Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Challenger Approaching! 7: Year of the Dragon

- Debut: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (2011)
- Latest Appearance: Skylanders: Giants (2012)
- Affiliations: Good
Reborn and rebooted, Spyro the Dragon flies down from Skylands to participate in the Smash Tournament! His burning ambition will flame up the competition like sheep on the grass.

Even if Spyro started out on the Playstation in his early years, I'm not talking about that original Spyro, nor his Legendary counterpart. This Spyro is all Skylanders, but retains some of that notable fame.
This new version isn't bad at all.
This Spyro was made for people who weren't around for his first run through games to still be a fan. As a long time fan, Spyro has the potential for being in Smash since Skylanders games are available on Wii, both the first and the upcoming sequel.

Not to mention that the Legendary Spyro series of spin-offs started on the GameCube, and some other Spyro games were on the handhelds.

As I've said, this Spyro isn't from the classic series or the Legendary Spyro series. And as such, his symbol should reflect the Skylanders universe. My guess is the elemental symbols arranged in a circle or other arrangement.
Yep, these 8 along the bottom.
Maybe there's other options for a Plan B icon, but this seems like the best option.

In gameplay terms, Spyro is a versatile character, both effective at close range combat with his claws, horns, wings, and tail, and capable at mid to long-range combat with his fire breath. He can also use other types of elements, being a Magic element Skylander, but he prefers fire.
He's fierce no matter how you look at him!
Spyro is capable of jumping multiple times and gliding with his wings. He is a heavy weight character with the ability to crawl. He's also quite quick on his feet as well, especially with his gliding and charging attacks.

Special Moves
Standard Special: Dragon's Fire
Every dragon should know this move
Spyro, no matter what game you play, is known for his hot fire breath. Spyro spits out a long-ranged fire ball when B is pressed. By holding B, Spyro will charge up the flame in his mouth. He can still move and attack while he charges, and when he releases it, the attack turns into The Daybringer Flame. That fire ball is much larger and explodes on impact.

Side Special: Comet Dash
Burning passion
Another of Spyro's classic moves is his charge attack, named after a special attack from the Legendary spin-off. Especially since Spyro's horns don't usually catch fire in a normal charge attack.

Spyro's horns blaze up as he runs forward, head first. He can continue to hit someone if front of him, since damage knocks them slightly back so he can keep charging them. He only runs for a set amount of time, and can't turn around. If he goes the other way, then he'll stop the attack and turn around.

Up Special: Spyro's Flight
Those wings aren't just for show. Finally.
The biggest difference the Skylanders Spyro and his Classic version is that this Spyro can actually fly! As a Spyro player, being able to fly is a much needed improvement.

In game, Spyro flaps his wings and takes to the air, much like Pit's Wings of Icarus. Spyro can still spit fireballs if he wants, but his flying doesn't do damage. If he is hit while flying, he doesn't fall helpless like the angel. He can still attack after being hit out of the move. He's very agile while flying, and can last a good amount of time.

Down Special: Earth Pound
The power of the earth
Spyro is from a rare line of magical purple dragons. As such, he could control the elements, such as ice, fire, electricity, darkness, time, and earth. This move shows Spyro's mastery of the last element.

Spyro's Earth Pound is just like the Yoshi Bomb, even stunning those close to the dragon with a tremor. Spyro can do this right out of his Up Special as well.

Final Smash: Sky Defense
To defend all!
His Final Smash reflects one of his upgrade paths in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure called Sheep Burner. Sheep Burner lets Spyro advance in his fire breath attacks, and Spyro takes advantage of this.

Upon activation, Spyro gives a battle cry before taking to the skies. He can fly freely and his Dragon's Fire shoots out three fire balls instead of one! They're about the size of the Daybringer Flame, and if Spyro charges that, then he shoots a massive flaming meteor. He can keep this up until the Final Smash wears off.

In Conclusion
Spyro is great for any fan, but also for anyone who likes well-rounded play with a heavier character then Mario.

So, should Spyro soar into Smashville and raid the tournament for all it's worth? Or is Spyro's legend only a myth found in Hylian ruins?

Comment below and tell me: Do YOU want to see Spyro the Dragon in Super Smash Brothers 4?
I promise I won't disappoint.
Until next time! :D


  1. "His burning ambition will flame up the competition like sheep on the grass." Interesting metaphor, but I do not understand its origins. Perhaps a reference to a game from past?

  2. Definitely my friend.

    The "burning ambition" references his signature Fire Breath that he always starts with in his games, as well as his stubborn determination. And the rest references the fact that Spyro burns sheep to regain health in some of his older games.

  3. ...I don't know. You make a good point here, but really I would much rather prefer to see the older Spyro in Super Smash Brothers. Again, this would be a good character to have in the games, however, in my humble opinion this just isn't the Spyro I would like to see; compared to his origins, this Spyro just doesn't seem right for the part.

    1. My original idea for Spyro was actually the Legend of Spyro incarnation. I changed it to the Skylanders version after I played the game for myself, and that because it was newer, it'd have a better change to get in.

      The Legendary version was supposed to be a heavy weight with similar moves and a Fire Fury for a Final Smash. This version was planned to be followed by Sparx the Dragonfly, much like the Classic Spyro.

      Thank you for your opinion :)

  4. You are an inspiration to us Smash fans all over... keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog! :D


    1. Wow, thanks. But you can drop the "-". Just Bman is fine.

  6. i want to have ur babyz