Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Personality Clash 1

*Here's the second of the three posts in honor of E3.*

Greetings everyone!

If you've noticed in my Character Spotlight posts, I took a section out to discuss how a character would interact with the other characters in the tournament based on their personalities and behavior. And after reviewing one of my posts, I realized...
I forgot to include the Newcomers!
I mean, their own posts are about them in game, but they're capable of feeling things to right? At least in their own world anyway. But so I don't give a spoiler to Newcomers I've yet to reveal, I'll only relate their interactions to the current cast of Brawl and Newcomers revealed before them.

So, this series of posts will do just that. I'm going to take Newcomers in teams of 4s so I don't litter up on text.

This post will include Newcomers from Graffiti Galaxy, Wishing Star, Spinsanity, and Roaming Chaos.

Bowser Junior idolizes his father, adopting his bad attitude and personal motto: "Grin and bear it. When that don't work, grin and crush it". Jr. is a mischievous, bold, and energetic troublemaker with a bit of a lonely side. Junior is also bratty, spoiled, and short tempered. His favorite hobbies include stealing cookies, causing trouble, and scribbling with his paintbrush.

As a Smasher, Junior tends to follow his father around while he socializes with other villains like DDD and Ganondorf. He won't hesitate to trip Luigi in the hallway or put some hot sauce into Link's bottles while he isn't looking. But he does get along with some of the younger Smashers (Ness, Lucas, Toon, and the Ice Climbers). He and Kirby get along, surprisingly enough, because they both like to draw. He'll try being nice to Peach, like his papa, and she thinks he's sweet. Not so much for Bowser though...

Geno's more of a rebellious attitude based on confidence. He can be a little rhapsodic and sage like when he needs to be, and can show as much enthusiasm as Mario does. He's one of the few Mario characters who is close to Mario, Peach, and Bowser. He is, however, forgetful that Luigi is Mario's brother because they've never really interacted. He also knows Yoshi from his last adventure. He can be a little flashy with his specials in battle, but his heart's in the right place.

As a Smasher, Geno is more distant somewhat, but he's not anti-social. Just reserved. He can engage in conversation with Zelda over higher powers and with Link for them both being warriors. He likes Marth and Ike for their honor in battle, and Pit and Meta for their strength. He and Lucario can muse together over more philosophical things with Zelda.

Crash Bandicoot is an emotional character who is quick to laugh and quick to cry. While he has a danger loving, fearless nature and loves a good fight, he prefers to lounge in the sun, play with his pink yo-yo, or just dig holes in the ground. Crash's favorite food is Wumpa Fruit, and he absolutely loves the stuff. Crash is somewhat impulsive and is prone to rude behavior like burping. His IQ is something of a question, since he is illiterate and always speaks in gibberish. He's also not threatened by brain damage. Aku Aku is able to understand him.

And speaking of the mask, Aku Aku is a happy, good-hearted, and peaceful being. But at the same time, he knows when to take important matters seriously. He very dedicated to protecting Crash, but is more protective of his sister Coco. Aku was a human shaman before he became a wooden mask.

As a Smasher, Crash seems to be like Kirby, with no real hard feelings towards anyone. He does have a strong rivalry with Mario and Sonic. He gets along best with the Kongs, for their jungle roots, physical strength, and fruit diet. He and DK like to spar together. He and Geno also hang out as well.

As for Aku Aku, he usually seeks Zelda for conversation because of her wisdom and magical knowledge. He is capable on understanding the Smashers who can't speak english (the Pokémon sans Lucario, Kirby, Mr. Game & Watch, the Pikmin) but not R.O.B..

Shadow prefers to work alone and distances himself from essentially everyone with a few exceptions. Though soft-spoken and reserved, he never bluffs; if he makes a threat, he has every intention of carrying it out. Shadow sees Sonic as a rival in all aspects of life, but still sees him as annoying and foolish. Alongside his dark demeanor, he can be smug, stubborn, and somewhat sarcastic. He has a strong sense of identity and high technological intellect.

As a Smasher, Shadow's rivalry with Sonic is as strong as ever. But now, he has his rivalry with Luigi to deal with as well. He has a strong bond, and possible attraction, with Samus. The reason is that she reminds him of his lost friend Maria. He is very protective of her, even if she doesn't understand why.

The two do get along though, with Samus sympathizing with Shadow's tough past. Even Snake prefers this hedgehog over Sonic; Shadow isn't afraid to use guns, has a killer instinct, and they both loathe Sonic. Meta Knight and Shadow can both be aloof, so they can engage in conversation together. Shadow could get along with Lucario as well.

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