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Challenger Approaching! 1: Graffiti Galaxy

Bowser Junior
- Debut: Super Mario Sunshine (2003)
- Latest Appearance: Mario Tennis Open (2012)
- Affiliation: Evil

Bowser's youngest pride and joy joins his father on the Battlefield, much to the annoyance of the Mario Brothers and Peach...

Because the Smash games need more villain recognition. And expanding upon popular titles such as the Mario series, Nintendo's most popular franchise, would also expand the fan base that the game would bring in. Junior has appeared as a mini boss in some of the newer games ever since he framed Mario for vandalism back on Isle Delfino. He's a reflection of his father in his persistence, durability, and main methods of transportation...
Let's get 'em Mr. Chuckles
Junior would appeal to female Smash players due to his cute appearance of a chibi Bowser. Male players would admire him for his mischievous nature.

Because he is Bowser's child, and Mario's enemy, he would be given a Super Mushroom as his icon. This makes him part of the Mario universe. 

But then people say that "Oh, we can't have any more Mario characters because there's 8 of them in Brawl now." That is technically true, but also false. While Yoshi, Wario, and the Kongs originated from Mario games, they have broken away from the mustachioed mold and began to star in their own games (Yoshi's Island, WarioWare, and Donkey Kong Country). They are classified as different Universes in Brawl, so let's keep them that way for arguments sake.
Please bear with me on this.
Much as his size and appearance suggests, he functions similarly to a smaller, faster Bowser. He would attack with his Paintbrush as his main line of offense, but would also use some shell attacks here and there. Like his father, Junior would be able to crawl along the ground.

As for his weight, he would be classified as a Middle Weight due to his Weight Class in Mario Kart Wii for...well, the Wii.

His Magic Paintbrush could allow for some gameplay quirks, like whenever he attacks with his brush, he splashes Goop around him. This would cause other Smashers to slip on the paint. 

Although I don't have a full-proof plan for this just yet. But what i do have is...

Special Moves
Standard Special: Fire Bubble

No, not the giant spike ball.
Up until New Super Mario Brothers Wii (pictured above), Bowser's youngest son lacked his signature Fire Breath. Eldest son Ludwig von Koopa was the only one to breath that wicked flame, but people know Bowser Junior from more games. This marked the first time where the Koopa Prince possessed the power shown, spewing deadly fireballs at the plumber below.

And it was safe to say that Bowser couldn't be prouder.

This move would not bounce along the ground like Mario's Fireballs, but fly straight like Luigi's. Also like from the game, it would slowly home in on enemies. Notice I said slowly.

The flame isn't very fast, but it does create a "splash" effect on contact or the ground, like during his boss battle above (Note the patches of fire on the ground). Also, Jr takes a moment to prepare before spitting one forth. He's still young you know...

Side Special: Rolling Brush

A rainbow of PAIN!
Jr used this technique during matches in Mario Power Tennis for Gamecube. He just takes out his Magic Paintbrush and spins it around in front of him, much like Pit's Angel Ring. It reflects projectiles and deals multiple hits on anyone in range. 

And while it doesn't do as much damage physically, it reflects projectiles faster then the angel ever could.

Up Special: Copter Shell

Like father, like son
You don't have to read his Trophy information in Brawl to know that Junior is very much like his Papa, as I've already mentioned. They always join together in kart races, tennis matches, evil plots to kidnap the Princess and take over the Mushroom Kingdom...

You know; quality father-son time.

Junior puts that fact to light when he does his Copter Shell. It's almost exactly like Bowser's Whirling Fortress, except that it gives him more vertical climb, more horizontal speed on the ground, and does slightly less damage.

Down Special: Shell Toss

Um...what the shell?
Back in New Super Mario Bros for the DS, Junior was the only mini boss in every World's Tower. When Mario got far enough, the Koopa Prince pulled out a Green Shell and chucked it at him, hoping to take out one of his many lives for his Papa.

While Mario did survive the shell-shocking encounter, that strategy is pretty smart.

By using this move, Junior takes out a Green Shell, which he could then throw as if it were a regular Item! He could only have two on the stage at a time though, and he has to be careful that no one turns his own shells against him!

Final Smash: Megahammer

Whose laughing now, Drain Brain?
Its common knowledge that a Final Smash has to be something BIG, powerful, and iconic (to a degree). And anyone whose played Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii would tell you that this bad bot here is certainly one tough tin can! Heck, if it weren't for Yoshi, the heroes would just be a parmesan pancake.

When Junior uses his Final Smash, the cockpit (Megahammer's head) swoops down as the tiny tyrant jumps right inside. He then flies to the back of the screen as his head and body reconnect, eyes glowing ominously. He'll attack by both shooting Bullet Bills and pounding the stage with his large hammer hands.

I'm still debating over whether or not the hammers would release shockwaves like from the game...

In Conclusion
Bowser Junior would be a great addition to the Smash Brothers game for players who aren't afraid to get a little cheeky and pester their opponents from a distance just as much as they can from up close.

So, I've said my opinion and i'd like to hear yours! Do you think Bowser Junior has what it takes to step out of his father's shadow and be a full Playable Character? Is there something about the Special Moves you like or hate?

Comment below and tell me what you think. Plus, I'm taking a poll in the Comments: Would YOU like to see Bowser Junior in Super Smash Brothers 4?

You better vote Yes, or I'll tell my Papa on you!

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