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Challenger Approaching! 10: Cheaters Always Win

- Debut: Mario Tennis (2000)
- Latest Appearance: Mario Tennis Open (2012)
- Affiliation: Evil
Nobody cheats better then Waluigi, and don't you forget it! The stick man finally steps up to the plate against Nintendo's finest fighters, fed up with being a stupid Assist Trophy (his feelings, not mine).

Waluigi is heavily underrated in the Mario games, only being shown in multiplayer spin-offs: Mario Sports, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, and even a DDR game!

He's been at Wario's side for support ever since his introduction to the series, plotting devious things to mess up the Mario Bros..
Anything goes with these four.
Since his cut from Mario Kart 7, people are worrying that the purple liar is fading from his role in the series. But he shouldn't be forgotten like this. With Wario fighting in Smash, it's only natural to add Waluigi too!

The fact of Waluigi being playable in a Super Smash Brothers game would be incredible! Hundreds of fans would flock to the stores even faster knowing that Waluigi's fully playable. I don't want to see him forgotten even more.

In Brawl, Waluigi was classified as part of the Mario universe, which isn't wrong. But I think, instead, he should be part of the Wario universe, complete with the W icon.

I say this because Waluigi's character has always been associated to Wario more then it does to Mario himself. Waluigi is needed as Wario's Luigi, if you catch my drift.
They're not the Wicked Wario Brothers for nothing.
Even if Waluigi hasn't been seen outside of these spin-offs, this could be the start of including him in Wario games. Be it Wario Land or WarioWare, the purple prankster needs more recognition. If Sakurai and his team could pull that off with Pit, he could do it for Waluigi.

To exemplify the similarities between Waluigi and his bro, Waluigi will also have the same costume options as the miser. Normally, he'll fight in his purple "00" soccer armor from the Wii game Mario Strikers Charged.

Because all sports can get dangerous.
But no matter the apparel, he stays a heavy weight character who's lighter then Wario. And as opposed to Wario's crazy upper body strength, Waluigi has super high leg strength. This is proven by his actions as an Assist Trophy, stomping foes into the ground. He can even jump three times!

And much like his Assist Trophy, Waluigi will always carry his tennis racket with him. He is a sports star after all, so he'll switch it out for a golf club, baseball bat, or hockey stick for some attacks.
Maybe he could use his clawed backpack from
Mario Sports Mix for something?
Special Moves
Standard Special: Power Serve
Game, Set, Match!
In honor of Waluigi's debut game, this attack involves his tennis skills. There's a reason he has his tennis racket on hand! And while this comes from the games, this move references the mini-game from Mario Power Tennis titled Mecha-Bowser Mayhem.

Pressing B will have Waluigi swing his racket and hit a small yellow energy ball at his target. It's just like a tennis ball, but Waluigi doesn't have the time to keep pulling out real ones. Just like in the mini-game, this can be done rapidly in quick succession, nodding to his incredible reflexes in the opening movie. Holding B will make Waluigi charge up a larger ball that breaks into several regular sized ones.

Side Special: Waluigi Bike
Watch out for his road rage.
Waluigi is also prominently featured in the Mario Kart series of games. I don't know why he wasn't added in Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS, but I can imagine that he's got a bone to pick.

Just like Wario, Waluigi whips out the standard bike from Mario Kart Wii. He doesn't do as much damage as the Wario Bike, but he can get more lift from ramps, and actually jumps! He can cover more ground as well.

Up Special: Breast Stroke
A few more laps to go.
Another tennis reference, but also a showcase of one of his early abilities. Waluigi's done a similar dunk in Mario Hoops 3-on-3 for DS.

Wally recovers by swimming through the air. It is just like Squirtle's Waterfall only it has a more upwards angle and has more reach. But, it doesn't give that final hit at the end like Squirtle's.

Down Special: Whirluigi
Twists and turns.
Waluigi's Offensive Power Shot from Power Tennis sure leaves the others dizzy. It suggests he has some power over wind, in addition to water and plants from some other games. All are elements that the other three can't wield naturally: Mario has fire, Luigi has fire and electricity, and Wario has earth.

Whirluigi sends the liar in an impressive spin. It acts like the Luigi Cyclone and the Mach Tornado combined: it has the control and similar look of Mach Tornado, with the scattering effect of the Luigi Cyclone. It's easy to maneuver and can lift of the ground with repeated presses of B. It's vacuum effect helps pull in more victims.

Final Smash: Destruction Dance
Dance with me Mario. Dance the dance of life!
Waluigi's always been another extra in the side games. Never before has he been driving kingdom ruining plots or stealing treasure from the royals. But that all changes when he became that master mind behind the theft of the Music Keys in DDR: Mario Mix for GameCube. He may not have "hypnotized the rhythem-less masses" like he wanted, but he showed off a hidden talent.

Destruction Dance is the name of the song where Mario or Luigi challenges the sports star for a Music Key. After snagging a Smash Ball, the song fills into the stage while Waluigi shows his stuff. The song's really catchy...just makes others wanna dance along too! But while Waluigi loves to show off, he loves playing dirty more. So whether everyone's dancing along or not, Podoboos and Bob-ombs come out and deal damage. The Podoboos deal good damage, but the knockout power is from the Bob-ombs.

Only anyone on the ground will get pulled into dancing when Waluigi first attacks. If the player presses a button at every four beats, it will increase Waluigi's dancing time and number of Podoboos and Bob-ombs, kinda like timing with DK's Final Smash. If Waluigi can't get the timing at all, then the Final Smash will be cut short!

In Conclusion
Waluigi is surely an underdog, but many a fan would love his strong kicks, tricky hitboxes, and underhanded attacks. But the question is: Can Waluigi finally be recognized as his own character?
Or will the cheater be cheated out of another opportunity?

Answer me this: Do YOU want to see Waluigi in Super Smash Brothers 4?
You better say yes if you know what's good for you!
Until next time! :D

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