Saturday, July 7, 2012

Character Spotlight 9: Cunning Ace

This Smasher is one of the swiftest in both style and attack. They're a born leader, risking their life for the sake of countless innocents. They know their way around vehicles, be it land or air.

But despite that, they've experienced many hardships in the past. A great loss, but it just fueled their desire to do what's right. They also have a trademark item of clothing, always around the neck in memory of a loved one.

Who's that Smasher?
It's Fox!
Straight from the Lylat System is Fox McCloud himself! He moves boldly, full of fighting spirit.

My First Reaction
The StarFox series was something I was aware of since the N64, but never really caught my attention. I was never really into shooters in my younger years, let along pilot games.
So, my first real sight of him was in Melee. Unfortunately, I
never owned an N64 back then.
My reaction to Fox's appearance was less then ecstatic...
Well...basically anyway.
I thought his appearance was a little ugly (this was my first time seeing him in 3D), but it intrigued me. How could they make a character who only played in his ship a ground fighter? So, being the inquisitive gamer I was, I took the StarFox pilot for a test drive.
...with a crash land in results.

He fell too fast from the air for my taste, but I knew of lots of people who mastered the vulpine. Brawl gave him a good buff, and I enjoy having him in the Smash series.

Through His Series
Fox is the leader of Team StarFox, a legendary group of mercenaries that used to be led by his father James McCloud. StarFox has repeatedly defended the Lylat System from countless threats like Andross or the aparoids.
The few and the proud.
The team's main mode of transportation is their personal Arwing fighters and their mothership: the Great Fox. The team also has access to more weapons and vehicles, such as Blasters and the LandMaster, each getting more advanced as time passes.

In Super Smash Brothers
Fox is one of the fastest Smashers in game, behind blue speedsters Sonic and Falcon! All of his moves come out quick and strong.
I'm too sexy for my speed!
His Reflector is an excellent tool to have, and while his Blaster doesn't do major damage, it can rack it up from a distance. His Up Smash and Fire Fox are good vertical kills.

As a Character
Fox McCloud is a pilot, combatant, leader, and adventurer. His leadership and piloting skills helped his team get through danger, just like his dad would do. His death had effected him (as something like that should) and he's not the most trusting of new people.
But he has his father's passion. And style.
Fox shares a close bond with each of his teammates. Krystal is his girlfriend, Peppy his mentor, and Slippy's been his pal since their days in the Cornerian Flight Academy. Even if he can be a cocky rogue with a disregard for rules, he's still pure of heart.

Falco is Fox's back-up in the air and his best friend, despite their rocky relationships from time to time. But Fox's biggest relationship is that with his rival Wolf O'Donnel.
They're always competing over something...
As a Smasher, Fox bonds over other techno-savvy characters like Captain Falcon and Samus. He was probably the only one wary of the Newcomers, due to his nature, but he befriended them over time. Sonic seems to enjoy his company as much as Falco's.

Smash Bros 4 Changes?
For the reasoning that StarFox is played mostly in the air, I suggest making Fox's air game better by making him more aerodynamic.
Target acquired! I'm going in!
I'd also be happier with his Blaster doing more damage, and that's about it. I don't really play as Fox so this is just what comes off the head...

Final Thoughts
No matter what is said or not said, it's obvious that Fox is fantastic.
Fox McCloud is proof that just because a character has never been in a close combat fighting game before doesn't mean that they are unable to defend themselves from the outside of their Arwings or F-Zero racers.

It is because of that Arwing skill, leadership, and cunning (like a fox) that Fox is one of the Original 8 Smashers. But I really don't play StarFox games, so to those who know the vulpine better, did I cover him well enough? Comment below and give some feedback if you wish.
This is Fox; signing off.
Until next time!

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