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Character Spotlight 10: Practically Legendary

This Smasher may not be the strongest...or the fastest...or even the most durable, but they do have one valuable skill: strategy.

They use their skilled mind to choose who to attack and what to attack with. They literally have the power at their fingertips, and even at such a young age, has grown to be the champion at what they do.

For them, actions speak louder then words...

Who's That Smasher?

It's Pokémon Trainer!
All the way from Pallet Town is the original Pokémon Trainer: Red! With him is his loyal Pokémon Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur.

My First Reaction
This Trainer wasn't exactly on my radar as an actual character with an identity until HeartGold/SoulSilver, but I've been playing as him since Pokémon Yellow (apparently).

I loved the game with my Pikachu following me everywhere, and I liked playing Pokémon LeafGreen as well for GameBoy Advance. And as I heard of the Pokémon Trainer's accomplishments (like in the Pokémon manga), I grew to admire him more to the point that he is now one of my favorite characters.

Through His Series?
In general, Pokémon Trainers are anyone from ages 10 and older who trains, catches, cares for, and battles with Pokémon.
Although there are preschool  children with Pokémon. How did
they get the pass to travel around and train?
For Red specifically, it was him that traveled through the Kanto region defeating Gym Leaders from Brock to Sabrina. Along the way, he had the run in with the villainous Team Rocket, taking them out every chance he got.
He even defeated their leader Giovanni!
Eventually, he made his way to the Elite Four, the Champion Lance, and his rival, Blue. At the end, Professor Oak congratulated Red on his success and PokéDex completion. And sometime from then to the time of Gold/Silver, Red went up to Mt. Silver to train his team, waiting for the perfect challenger to battle him.
And that challenger is Ethan/Gold or Lyra in HeartGold/SoulSilver.
But Red does get back down, attending the Pokémon World Tournament with all the other Champions and Gym Leaders every couple of years.

In Super Smash Brothers
Pokémon Trainer is basically three characters in one with his Pokémon team of Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur.
It's Red's job to decide which Pokémon is best to send out.
Squirtle excels in quick attacks and fast air speed, being the smallest and lightest Pokémon on the team. It uses Water Gun to push other Smashers and objects away from it, which is a great option to have.
And Withdraw is a surprisingly effective attack as well.
Ivysaur is a middle weight with a floaty air game, preferring projectile attacks in it's special attacks then more close ranged moves. Plus, it has a tether recovery.
Whew! That was a close one!
And finally, Charizard is the heavy-hitter of the team. Being able to glide is an added bonus, with it's Rock Smash being a true knock-out shot.
I don't know where he gets those rocks so quickly...

As a Character
Pokémon Trainer does have a name, as I've mentioned: it's Red. Red doesn't talk in game, but his friend/rival Blue says that he's a chatty gossip. Red also takes his training very seriously, isolating himself on top of Mt. Silver to improve his skills.

As a Trainer, Red's caught plenty of Pokémon through his journey, with Pikachu being his strongest. He also acquired a Snorlax on the roads, an Eevee that later evolved into an Espeon, a Scizor, Tauros, Lapras, and more. He treats them all with love and care, building bonds through their Pokémon Battles.
He's more of a Pokémon Master then Ash will ever be...
As a Smasher, Red and his Pokémon get along great with the other Pokémon Smashers. Pit too, since they both had leadership experience. Other then that, I'd imagine he'd befriend other teenage Smashers like Ness and Lucas (they're actually older then they look), and can have a conversation with Meta Knight if he's in the mood.

His biggest friend there is his Pikachu of course. He raised it himself, and is very close to him. He's also friendly with Samus, for taking care of Pikachu in his absence.

Smash Bros 4 Changes?
My #1 change: acknowledge the Pokémon Trainer as Red! That means changing the name to "Pokémon Trainer Red" or just "Red".
Give the dude some recognition.
Also, give his Pokémon a little more stamina in a brawl, and make their PokéBalls the same size as regular PokéBalls. It bothers me to see them smaller then normal when he throws them out. And speaking of throwing them out, change the animation to something more from Pokémon Battle Revolution for the Wii.

As for Red, I want them to reflect that cool-looking guy found on the mountain. Like changing his stance in the background and some of his animations to someone more serious, but still youthful and full of energy.

Finally, I hope that they make Squirtle's Water Gun deal damage. If not, that's OK, but it'd be a nice surprise.

Pokémon Trainer Red would like to battle.
Red's been there since Pokémon began, so he plays an important part in it. He's similar to Mario, being underdeveloped as a character but still iconic and likable.

Even so, some people want Red to go back to Mt. Silver and stay there. Others, want Red to stay and show  the Smashers what a Pokémon Champion can do.

I'm with the latter. He is one of the Smashers I want to stay in a great amount, much like Wario. I don't want a newer trainer based of Black/White. Just Red is good for me.

But I want to know readers: Would YOU like to keep Pokémon Trainer Red in Super Smash Brothers 4?
Until next time! :D

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